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Mayday Parade live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2014

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Wake up with the fondest memories [4-6/2]

I landed late in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday and headed straight to my friend’s house, Pixie. We had a lovely dinner with her family before falling asleep early due to my usual schedule.


Me and Pixie having lunch in KLCC shopping centre.

The next day Pixie and I headed off into KLCC for a walk around the city, to see the towers and look around before meeting up with one of Pixie’s friends, Rachel, and heading to Chin Woo Stadium - where Mayday Parade would be playing that night.


Mayday Parade performing at Chin Woo Stadium.

The show started with two Malay acts, Heart Attack and Scarlet Heroes. They were okay - I had heard a lot about them from Pixie and Rachel as they frequently support concerts and Pix often works the concerts - but they were interesting. We had a laugh during Scarlet Heroes as the guitarist was channeling Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil and it cracked us up.


Some of Pixie’s friends: Dini, me, Pixie and Rachel.

Before long Mayday Parade were on and it was one of the most incredible concerts. Their music means so much to me - both the title of this post and the title of this blog are lyrics from Mayday songs. One from 'Jamie All Over' and the other from 'Anywhere But Here' so it was incredible to finally see them live.


Derek Sanders and Alex Garcia playing.

They started out with a song from their new album, ‘Ghosts’, and then followed it with an old classic, 'Jamie All Over'. The setlist included songs from their first EP, Tales Told By Dead Friends, to their 2013 released album, Monsters In The Closet.


Alex Garcia and Jeremy Lenzo on stage.

I especially enjoyed 'When You See My Friends', 'You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds' and the encore, 'I'd Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About'.


Derek performing ‘Miserable At Best’.

After the show, Pixie grabbed my hand and we ran across the stadium and back stage. She knew the guards due to her previous work at concerts and so we managed to get back. There we saw some of the band members, Alex Garcia, Brooke Betts and Jeremy Lenzo, hanging outside smoking so we went to talk to them. Pixie knew how much it would mean for me to meet them so she introduced us and we hung out with them for a bit. Alex was lovely and chatted away with us for a bit.


The setlist.

As we were heading away, I spotted Derek Sanders, the lead singer, just inside. Pixie, like the amazing human being she is, went up to Nadeem, the organiser, who was standing between us and Derek, and said “my friend’s come all the way from England, please can we meet Derek?” Nadeem instantly threw his all access pass around my neck and said that I deserved it for coming all that way. We met Derek and I was over the moon. I even got to keep the pass!


Derek and I - his hair is more fabulous than mine ;)

The only not fantastically amazing thing that happened that night was that one of the infected scratches on my foot reacted badly to the hours on my feet and therefore swelled massively. We spent the early hours of Thursday morning icing the foot to try and reduce the pain and swelling but to little avail. I left KL the next evening, a mere twelve hours before the missing flight took off, with a still swollen foot. I have to say traveling with a foot the size of a football was not easy but I was home before long and it was lovely to finally see my mum again.

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This novel completely slaughtered me, and yet I have a very special place in my heart for this series of books.

This novel completely slaughtered me, and yet I have a very special place in my heart for this series of books.

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Finales and Farewells [24/2-4/3]

My final week on Lembongan arrived far sooner than I could have wished. Luckily for me I had things to keep me busy. Jacqui had asked for some help on an open water course she was teaching (only her second as she was in the IDC before mine) so I spent Monday and Tuesday helping her out with that.

A sunset at Sandy Bay during one of my last days.

On Tuesday, due to one of the students, Cindy, having to come up feeling sick from OW2, Jacqui asked me to finish her final two open water dives alone while Jax did the other two students. It wasn’t easy as there was too much current to kneel in the sand so I had to keep us both buoyant while Cindy did her skills. She also struggled with mask clearing and had to spend a lot of the time calming her down which also didn’t help. For someone who had never taught an open water alone before, I think I did pretty well. I certainly reaped the benefits on Thursday when I found out I got the certification. I have officially taught someone to dive!


The Happy Puppy Crew
(L-R) Aline, Jo, Meghan, Courtney, me, Grace, Bryan

On Tuesday evening we had planned to go over to Bali for, what Bryan dubbed, a 'pre-going away going away party party'. Jo had had the wonderful idea to go to a karaoke place called 'Happy Puppy' in Denpasar and so we decided to make it an almost but not quite leaving party. The night was great - we sang our hearts out and then somehow, I know exactly how, ended up in a bar in Seminyak called 'Mixwell'.


Courtney with her shoes which she bought that night and had disappeared before we got home!

Meghan, a friend of DMT Aline had done her open water at Blue Corner a few weeks back and then continued traveling, however she was in Denpasar and catching a flight at 5am on Wednesday so we told her to come out with us. It was great to see her again and she said it was a better way to try and stay up than alone in a hotel room.

I would love to write in great detail about this wonderful night out in Bali but I’m afraid what happens in Bali, stays in Bali. However, I think this morning after picture just about sums it all up.


Jo, Grace, Courtney and I in Pizza Hut on Wednesday morning.

That weekend was my last on Lembongan and therefore my final Friday night party. Christiane, a childhood friend of Andrew and Cody, decided we should make Jell-O shots so we spent the afternoon doing that and relaxing in the pool. That evening the shots were a hit and we had a lovely and understated night.

Christiane and I spent the next few days by the pool sunning ourselves and reading as sadly I had got a cold and couldn’t dive again. On Monday night, my last night, the whole Blue Corner crew, DMTs, instructors and friends all went out to Sukanusa for a nice meal.

Lembongan Bay the day I left.

The next morning I said goodbye to everyone at Blue Corner before catching the first boat off the island. I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up just a little bit. Lembongan had become my home for the last two months and the people at Blue Corner had become my family. Going home would be difficult but I had had a wonderful two months and an incredible final week. The last two months I have made amazing friends who I hope to keep in touch with and the times I’ve had will stay with me forever.

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Bracelets - something I love to pick up wherever I go, a symbol of my travels. After two months here in Indonesia I have picked up a further three - one from Ubud and two from Lembongan with all three gifts from wonderful friends. I am going to miss this beautiful little island so much but hopefully I shall be back soon. (at Blue Corner Dive)

Bracelets - something I love to pick up wherever I go, a symbol of my travels. After two months here in Indonesia I have picked up a further three - one from Ubud and two from Lembongan with all three gifts from wonderful friends. I am going to miss this beautiful little island so much but hopefully I shall be back soon. (at Blue Corner Dive)

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PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA! [18-24/2]

Rescue courses. Supposedly the most serious and yet most fun course PADI offers - it just depends on how it’s presented by the instructor. I’ve spent the week assisting Jo on two rescue courses and it can definitely be a lot of fun, especially for the victim (and aspiring actress).


View from Blue Corner - the volcano on Bali.

I started off the week with two days of drowning, yelling 'PIZZA' at the top of my lungs, running out of air, panicking under and above water, dying, being manhandled by instructors, boat-hands and students alike, given mouth to mouth, towed around and more. I loved every second… well, most. The taking of equipment on and off is tiring and irritating, but other than that!


View of Lembongan from the panorama point at the top of the hill on the way to Sandy Bay.

The students may have almost drowned me a few times but in the end all three passed the course and are now rescue divers! I was rewarded greatly when one student refused to let me go a minute without a drink in my hand (after we finished diving, obviously) and continuously bought everyone drinks.

I spent Wednesday at Sandy Bay with Caroline. We chilled out, read our books, sunbathed, did a touch of yoga and ate some wonderful food. It’s a really nice place to go on the island to just get away for a bit.


Camel by the pool at Sandy Bay.

After an enjoyable Friday night, in which I promised myself to be in bed by midnight and kept to it(!!!!!), I was up the next day bright and early (7am) for yet another rescue course in both the pool and the sea in one day!! Later that evening we had suckling pig at Blue Corner which was a lovely change  and good fun.


The hog!

Sunday brought about a day of fun diving when I got to go to Manta Point. Helene, one of the Blue Corner instructors, said there was a beer for whoever got her a decent photo of her with mantas - not just distant shadows, actual close mantas. Guess who succeeded… sort of ;)


My wonderfully photoshopped photo of Helene with the mantas.

Now it’s a new week and my last full week on this beautiful island. Today I’m jumping in the sea to help Jacqui out on an open water. She was in the IDC group before mine and this is only the second OW she’s done so she asked for an extra pair of eyes and hands in case her three students need some help.


More mantas!

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I love reading about your adventure's and thoughts, Imi. I know I've said this before but your post about your gran almost brought me to tears, it was so sweet!

Thank you, my love. I’m glad you’re enjoying reading <3 Maybe you’ll find yourself on here by the end of the year ;)

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Jo and I having fun teaching Open Water!

Jo and I having fun teaching Open Water!

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Glorious Getaways [14-17/2]

On Friday I finished my open water course with all three students, Anna, Fleur and Kaila, passing. We did the final two open water dives before coming back to shore and taking their quizzes and exams. There was a few hiccups here and there but they were quickly ironed out and before long we all had Bintangs in our hands and celebrating.



Celebratory pictures!

Top: (L-R) Fleur, Jo, Kaila, Anna and me

Below: (L-R) Kaila and Fleur with Anna and I backbending!

As it was Valentines and full moon the party was a bit more than the usual Friday night. Due to mild gang problems on the island (stop fretting, dear parents, it’s really not serious), Blue Corner had to close early because otherwise Jibaku (the gang) would have some issues as they hold a party every full moon. It was a good night, but I prefer spending my Fridays at Blue Corner. If I stay there, I don’t tend to get hit by motorbikes… I promise I am perfectly fine and my most serious injury was a tiny graze on my foot, stop worrying.

By Saturday afternoon, Caroline and I decided we wanted to have a mini pampering session and a bit of a weekend getaway so we grabbed a mid-afternoon boat to Sanur and from there headed to Ubud

We arrived early evening and found somewhere to stay before heading over to a restaurant Caroline already knew called Kafe for dinner which was lovely. We had healthy juices and yummy food before heading back to the room, tired.


Blueberry & watermelon juice and raspberry, banana, yoghurt, oats & honey smoothie in Kafe

Back when I was in Bunaken last year I met Divemasters and Instructor candidates, Sylvie and Joep. Shortly after doing the IE, they moved on to Lembongan where they met Caroline. Now they’re in Ubud so we decided to meet up for coffee, which turned into lunch and then dinner too. In fact, we spent the majority of our time with them which was wonderful. I hadn’t realised quite how much I missed spending time with them until I was with them again. Joep has got a job in Australia now which is great so they invited both Caroline and I to Sydney once they moved in a few months time.

After lunch we split and Caroline and I headed to look for somewhere to get massages. We had a lovely deep tissue massage which was quite like a thai massage and then had a cup of tea (which I surprisingly drank…) before heading off for some shopping. I ended up buying a new pair of yoga pants in a pretty green and a purple sports bra as well as two lovely summer tops all for less than £30. You just can’t do that anywhere else!

For dinner we headed back to where we had lunch, Clear, a vegetarian restaurant which had the most yummy food. At lunch I had a caesar salad and at dinner what they called a TLT (a veggie BLT) - tofu and tempe, lettuce and tomato. Absolutely delicious!


My caesar salad in Clear.

We had a few hours here and there do do some yoga and take some photos but soon we were tired and went to sleep ready to leave the next day. We grabbed a drink with Sylvie and Joep again in the morning to say goodbye and, bless them, they gave me this gorgeous bracelet as a congratulations for becoming an instructor.


Modified wheel in the garden of Ubud Sensasi, where we stayed.

In Sanur, we did a spot of light shopping and had yet another wonderfully healthy lunch - I want to keep up healthiness when back on the island but the chances are slim.

Back on the island and I realised just how much I missed my little Lembongan and all the wonderful people I’ve met here, but it was still nice to get away. I don’t know how I’m going to cope leaving in just a few short weeks.

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Become loyal to your innermost truth. Follow the way when all others abandon it. Walk the path of your own heart.

Become loyal to your innermost truth. Follow the way when all others abandon it. Walk the path of your own heart.


Who actually likes Valentines Day, anyway?

The day everyone gets to tell their partner that they love them. Why should there be a specific day for something that should come naturally in a relationship? Valentines is over commercialised and irrelevant in my opinion. Maybe I’m just a bit of a romantic for thinking that you don’t need a day of the year to spread the love, or maybe I’m bitter because I find the day irrelevant. However, February 14th holds a special place in my heart, even if Valentines Day doesn’t.


Gran on our Mediterranean cruise in 2007

February 14th 2011 is a day I will never forget. It was a Monday and I was supposed to be in school but instead of going, my mum woke me up at 6am, bundled me in the car with my duvet and pyjamas and we drove almost three hours to where my Gran lived. My Gran had breast cancer, though at this stage she was not yet in hospital. We spent the day with her - taking her in her wheel chair to a garden centre. It was strange because when well, she was a very independent and active person. She would live her life as if every day was her last and I suppose that came from the first time she had cancer. My Gran was an inspiration.

On that day she was in a wheelchair, but her spirits were as high as ever. We had fun. We bought roses for her and just had an all round wonderful day. It is one of the last times I was with her before she went into hospital and never came out.


Me with my Gran during her hospice stay a few months after this in 2011 - the day she was allowed to start drinking again.

My Gran was and probably still is one of the people that have influenced my life the most. Everything I do, I do with her in mind. This trip I’m currently on, my diving instructor course and living in paradise for two months, could not have been done without her. She always wanted me to be happy and live my life to the fullest. I hope I’m making you proud.

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You always remember your first course [12/2]

On Monday night, I had a message from one of the instructors at Blue Corner, Jo. I didn’t want to start teaching on my own as I didn’t feel confident enough to do so, instead, I wanted to try team teaching. Just helping out on a course, but instead of just assisting like a Divemaster, I could actually teach. Jo’s message said she was starting an open water course and she wanted me to team teach it with her. You don’t know how happy I was.

We had a chat and started planning and I spent the evening sorting out my slates for confined water. The next day while Jo was on the boat, I was going to show the students the videos and start them off on knowledge reviews, however, in true Lembongan style, we had a power cut from 9am until about 1pm. Helpful. Instead I gave them manuals and said to do as much as possible before coming back when power came on or at 2pm, whichever came first.

At 2pm, Jo was back and we set up kit to jump in the pool and get some confined dives done. Not getting out until about 5pm, we worked hard getting through a good few of the skills. It was okay, I was a bit nervous at first but I think I settle into it more as we went. Jo was really complimentary but naturally I was more unsure - she left most of it to me and just pitched in here and there. Teaching with Jo is fun, I have to say.

Today (Wednesday), Jo had to go out on the boat again so I was here at 8am to start the videos, power permitting. Thankfully, we’ve had no cuts and while my students work their way through the videos and knowledge reviews, I’ve managed to update my blog! Good use of time right here!

Jo’s not back yet and we’ve managed to go through all five videos and knowledge reviews and even done the answers, making sure they understand everything. I’m pretty happy with how much they know and they’re not difficult students so that’s good. I think I may even be looking forward to the next few days and my next few courses!

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One of the youngest diving instructors ever!

One of the youngest diving instructors ever!

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All good things come to an end [29/1-8/2]

The good times of the IDC became slightly more serious but no less fun as the Instructor Exam (IE) got closer. We were working longer hours and harder but the scores were getting better which is, of course, a very good sign.

IE Candidates!

(L-R) Andrew [our MI], Alina, [our CD], Damo, David, me and Callum

We had to complete the Emergency First Response Instructor course before we ended the IDC so we spent two days hanging out with some one-armed babies and armless adults. It was supposed to be a particularly dull two days but somehow, as ever, we managed to make it fun and had quite a laugh. That may have involved some serious ketchup action, interesting splinting techniques and being thrown in the pool. Some things never change.

The best of the EFRI

(L-R) Callum dislodging an object from an infant’s throat, Damo and I with splinted legs, David and his litte friends, me with a serious head injury, Callum and David using an AED and my serious bleeding injury.

Our final day as IDC candidates rolled around quicker than we expected and we were in the sea bright and early doing some open water presentations. What we didn’t expect was having to almost perform a real life rescue on our Course Director and another candidate.

Fun in the pool.

(L-R) Callum, me, Damo, Alina and David.

It all started when we decided to have some fun after finishing our skills and took some photos. Alina put on her Batman costume over her mask and we all had a laugh surfing on our fins. That was how it began - fin surfing. Alina took our fins and told us to race without them but it wasn’t until she handed them to Callum to carry that he and I realised there was one missing. One of Damo’s. Oops. Immediately we started searching for them, some of us went to the surface while others retraced our steps. Eventually the fin was spotted heading out into the surf - luckily it was positively buoyant and not too hard to spot.

David fin surfing.

With David, Callum and I up and trying to spot, Alina and Damo headed out into the surf - big mistake. Damo disappeared so we couldn’t see him and then we hear Alina screaming our names and see her with two BCDs, a hell of a lot of weight and no fins! David, the hero he likes to think he is, grabbed a life jacket, mask, snorkel and two odd fins, jumping from the boat and swimming out into the surf. We then moved the boat in the hope we could get closer without leaving the boat lane.

Dunanananananana Batman!

We found Damo immediately but Alina was father out and David was still miles from her trying to play the hero. Luckily, Damo had his fin and before long Alina and David were back on the boat too. Turns out along with the two BCDs and no fins, Alina was also carrying twelve kilos of weight from her and Damo and being battered by the huge waves against the shallow reef below. Quite the extraordinary way to end the IDC.

The next day we headed over to Sanur on mainland Bali bright and early, taking David’s friend, Jenia, with us for moral support, ready for the orientation and written exams that afternoon. Quickly we realised just how highly strung and serious all the other candidates were. Either they were being pushed crazily hard or they just took themselves way too seriously. The Instructor course is a serious course, there’s no doubt about it, but diving is supposed to be a fun activity, whether you’re an open water diver or a Course Director. You’re supposed to have fun so none of us could understand why there were so many who either hadn’t enjoyed there IDC or were taking it too seriously to let themselves enjoy it.

We all aced our exams and spent the evening preparing our classroom and confined presentations. David and I even took a cheeky trip to McDonalds seen as there’s no food like that on the island (I hate to admit it, but I miss that trashy food). The next day we were back in the exam room acing our classroom presentations and then getting straight 5s in the pool. We were the only group to not have any makeups in any section so far. That left only the open water the next day.


(L-R) Me, Damo, David and Callum

That evening, Alina took us all to Kuta for margaritas and bowling. Callum’s girlfriend, Anna, had arrived that day so we had some time to get to know her and have some fun. We had a crazy good time and although we invited other people, they were all working way too hard and taking themselves way too seriously to have a night off and relax. We were home by midnight with our open water sorted out beforehand.

Me, Alina and Jenia with our margaritas.

On the final day, we jumped in the sea for some rescue and then for our open water presentations. There was a 5 thrown in the mix and a few other very high scores and that brought about the end of the IE and, yes, we all passed! Damo, David, Callum and I are PADI Instructors!

Instructors! (Can you spy those Blue Corner tops?)

That evening we headed straight back to Lembongan on the last boat and actually ended up kidnapping two other new instructors, Dan and Lillian, from other dive centres who wanted to come to our party. We had a great night - as it was a Sunday, it was a little quieter, but there were friends from the island around who wanted to congratulate us which was wonderful.

Can you fit nine people in the back of a bemo? We can!

(L-R) Dan, David, [hidden: me], Damo, [hidden: Jenia, Callum, Anna, Alina], Lillian

It was sad to think that our time together was coming to a close. We only had two more days before Alina and Damo were leaving and then just a few more after that before everyone else went too and I would be left on the island with my whole IDC crew gone.

During our last few days we did a few specialty instructor courses such as Nitrox and AWARE Shark Conservation and we ended up having our last dives together on Engine and Toya Pakeh, where we had to abort the dive after half an hour due to stupidly strong currents.

Group photo before our last dive.

(L-R) Me, Callum, Jenia, Alina, David and Damo

David and I then decided to do some sidemount diving before he left with Jon, a graduate from the previous Blue Corner IDC/IE. I tried sidemount back in Lembeh last year but didn’t really enjoy it, however, this time I did the full course and somehow I loved it. Not sure how I’m going to cope on backmount now, but I’m sure I’ll get back to double tanks soon.

It’s easy to backbend underwater with sidemount!

We had another whopping friday night party which involved Stacie, a Blue Corner DMT, and Max, who did his DMT at another dive shop, doing their snorkel tests. The night ended with everyone in the pool and a hell of a lot of fun. As Callum, Anna, Jenia and David were leaving the next day, it began a bit of a goodbye party too. By Saturday evening, it was just me left.

Friday night fun!

(L-R) Stacie, Jenia, Anna and me

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